this WEEK in MEDIA 85: Later Clarke

this WEEK in MEDIA 85: Later Clarke

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Hosts: Alex Lindsay, John Foster, John Flowers, Kiki Sanford, Marshall Clark, Daisy Whitney

Dedicated to the grand master science fiction author and extraordinary thinker Arthur C. Clark (1917 – 2008)

this WEEK in MEDIA 85: Later Clarke

Sir Arthur C. Clarke 1917-2008

this WEEK in MEDIA 85

Microsoft Licenses Adobe Mobile

YouTube Gets 1/3 of all video hits

Advertisers Shun User-Generated Video

TiVo intros New Desktop

Were we wrong about tech and the democratization of media?

TV Goes Boom

NIN Ghosts Film Festival

Ziff Davis files for Bankruptcy

Next New Networks Raises $15 Million

Verizon and P2P

IMAX goes Digital

note: because of the way professional DLP projectors work there is no rainbow effect.

Tapeless world?

after show- more marathon and games

John Cage 4’33”