this WEEK in MEDIA 73: Mmmmm…. cake!

this WEEK in MEDIA 73: Mmmmm…. cake!

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Hosts: Alex Lindsay, John Foster, Kenji Kato, Craig Syverson

The writers go on strike, it is so good for internet media.

Zucker says the Apple deal is rotten

Hulu beta test has begun with overwhelming comments. I watched a couple episodes of Airwolf so just for that I would say it is pretty sweet.

Blockbuster is close to death, or getting there

Kmart says that they are going with HD DVD because Blu-ray is too expensive. Craig says that Blu-ray is a superior technology. I say it isn’t. The actual data storage amount is greater but everything else is kind of a mess. Did you know that you can burn an HD DVD project onto regular DVD-/+R media? That means you have an HD DVD burner on your computer right now. See, only your friendly show note writer cares enough to tell you that.

The Sony XDCAM format is coming out. Here is some information from before any cameras had come out. Looks very promising.

There is a super bright flash light that is a video camera.

BitTorrent (the company) closes off Bit Torrent (the technology) so The Pirate Bay begins work on a new technology that will be just the way Pirates want it.

Mystery Science 3000 has some new stuff, Cinematic Titanic

Here is That Portal Song. May be a spoiler? It is kind of nice to get it when you finish but I guess the journey is the prize not the ending. Aren’t you alive? Don’t you know it is about the journey? If you know that then go ahead and listen to it. You can read about the making of the song and the pairing on Jonathan’s blog or this site has better pictures. The song is also for sure not at the end of this episode so don’t even think about checking it out by going to 57 minutes 41 seconds.

Everyone loves to talk about Leopard. I do too, it is pretty sweet though I am having some Compressor troubles. I even had troubles when I erased the whole system and installed FCS 2 fresh. nope, Then I reinstalled compressor and Qmaster, nope. It kind of works but not consistently.