TWiM 43: Say No To Middleware

TWiM 43: Say No To Middleware

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Hosts: Alex Lindsay, John Foster, Craig Syverson, and Kenji Kato.

No need to count down to Natalie this time.

Bull Durham. Hudsucker Proxy.

Sounds like WKRP all over again.

Blazing Saddles.

Radio and Records magazine.

Stung is a local band for us.

Radio sucks but you might turn into the Live105 morning show. NoName on Alice is a knowledge base of music.

What happens to Radio Paradise, KCRW, KEXP and ALEX? Here’s what. And some math about why that sucks.

NIN release a GarageBand mix.

Learn to mix with Code Monkey source.

Oxygen 8.

What is the sound of theaters not modernizing? DRM.

Bambi vs Godzilla. Evening Harder. Both have insider dish.

Making cubes is the best way to learn 3d: modeling, textures, lighting, etc.

Hey BillCrow…. get in touch with us so we can talk with you about HD Photos.

GIF vs GIF. To the guy that named this: if you meant to have it pronounced JIF you should have spelled it with a J and not a G. So from now on it’s: Giffy Lube, be there in a gif, and I need gust a minute more. Grrr. I mean Jrrr.

128 cores enough for you?

Here’s Ruby. What they did 4 years ago.


Just say no to middleware. Camera Mapping, 3D nodes, HDR, etc.

MyToons is YouTube for amination.

Alex is speaking SXSW.

Viacom C&Ds Tube to pull 400,000 Ex-TV Viewers From Its Site.

Apple releases iAnnounce.

BBC adds “i” in front of it’s name. Wants to take on Apple after Apple lost to Apple.

Grind House.

Internet killed the Video Star.

Watch NewsWar a Frontline show on PBS.