TWiM 47: Now in Twelvereo

TWiM 47: Now in Twelvereo

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John Foster, Kenji Kato, Craig Syverson

What an $800 doorbell looks like. John on

Final Cut Pro User Group in Vegas. Sign up!

EMI and Apple ship unDRM’d music! Hear about that on MBW 36. All about AAC.

The difference between 128 and 256 MP3.

Return to high school and take Podcasting class.

Zudeo becomes Vuze.

The NYC article on the death of the single.

Grind House!

ZFS is committed to the next FreeBSD. Here’s the CDDL license. GPL3.

RIAA goes after released NIN tracks. Dick Dale tells us why.

PC World top 50. Adobe Premiere is missing. IDKFA!

Mac Octo.