MacBreak Weekly 69: Mac Malakhi

MacBreak Weekly 69: Mac Malakhi

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Scott Bourne, Alex Lindsay, Wil Harris, and The Macalope

Congratulations to Alex Lindsay on his little (and incredibly laid back) boy.  Malakhi! (Born in THREE hours, cries for a maximum of  minute at a time), see Malahki here

This episode everyone gets lost in skype dead-space at some point, so bear with us!:

And now the news……

  • New LED screens ordered by Apple: Is the sub-notebook coming.  EVERYONE wants the sub-notebook
  • Scott: New Iphone: HSDPA 3G, 16GB of FlashRam, an SDK, and hopefully no GPS (It kills your battery life, FAST)
  • Scott: Do you really need GPS?  I mean, you have google maps, all you have to do is know where you are by-street-name 
  • Leo: With the new google maps for mobile you don’t even need to know the street name, the new “my location” feature uses cell-tower triangulation to create a customised location aware map for you, no battery life destroying GPS necessary!)
  • Was Cingulars (AT&T) 3G iPhone “blurt” to push on apple to get the 3G iPhone ready faster
  • Conclusion: The Sub-Notebook is inevitable at Macworld
  • Steve Jobs could do his typicall “state-of-the-union” speech, although according to Alex, its not enough for a macworld, so there has to be something more.
  • How would the Macalope appear at Macworld, without revealing his identity?…..
  • Germany overturns iPhone injunction, Germany is now sans-unlocked iPhone
  • Apple may start raising the prices on iTunes according to an Analyst (What makes a person an an Analyst? Can someone give me a define:Analyst please?)
  • Prices might go up to $15 for Movies: You could buy a DVD for that!
  • All NBC show’s are removed from the iTunes Sidebar
  • However, according to Scott, you can still get some of the shows if you go to the shows directly (through December)
  • Hulu is bad, its a mish-mash of content, you can never get the latest content, but that might be the Writers Strike
  • To Compete with Piracy (and iTunes, but to a lesser extent) there has to be a high quality, inexpensive, one-stop-shop solution
  • Alex: The Mac Mini IS the best mac media centre solution, and of course, in high def.  With the Mini, all the content is just a click away with a slick Apple TV “back row” interface but with the power of the mac.
  • Big Media Giants DO NOT GET IT (IT being the new age of media)
  • The True Price of movies should be $4.99
  • Rental’s may be the next big iTunes new product
  • Netflix is awesome, but apparently they have an algorithm to detect the “handbrake+netflix=rental movies to keep” combo
  • The Digital lifestyle (.tv) has launched a 24 hour mac content, it uses mogulus, but to the panel the whole thing is “meh”
  • Patent Nonsense!  Lawsuits Galore-250 pending lawsuits against the iPhone
  • More light talk on mac-y stuff, hard to describe, but then again these are showNOTES, not the SHOW

The Picks!

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