MacBreak Weekly 63: So Long Tiger

MacBreak Weekly 63: So Long Tiger

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Andy Ihnatko, Scott Bourne, and The Macalope

Apple Rakes it in with one of the best quaters ever!

  • Apple sold 1.1 Million Iphone (dramatic pronounciation required)
  • APPLE estimates 250000 of these iphones have, or are soon to be, unlocked,
  • This means Apple could have bricked around 20% of their iphone user base!
  • On the news of the quaterly earning call, Apple’s market cap soared to be higher than IBM
  • Apple Retail Stores are still very protitable
  • 50% of new mac sales are to new users of the platform!
  • Scott practically jumps for joy, with the prospect of his shares soaring

3rd Party Apps for the Iphone

  • Jobs writes one of his slightly wierd, passive-agressive, open letters to the world, where he anounces the iphone SDK
  • The Panel breaks into hysterics at the intro to the leter “let me just say it”
  • The P.S. Is brilliant, in a good and a bad way ” P.S.: The SDK will also allow developers to create applications for iPod touch.”
  • The SDK will only available in February, much like the Macbook Pro when it was released
  • Only “Apple Aproved” digitally signed applications will be supported and allowed to run on the iphone
  • Web-Apps will still be around

A preview for Leopard

  • The panel now agree that Leopard is relatively stable
  • Andy: I enjoy burning dvds of leopard developer seeds and then throwing at a wall and seeing them shatter into a million tiny pieces
  • Andy: I quarintined my mac running Leopard, leopard also pronounced Ihnatko corectly
  • Leo: I hope it comes with a newer calculator than the one that has been remained the same SINCE OS 7
  • Unified windows! Brushed metal is gone
  • The new Alex voice is so good, its almost scary (Mac OS X Leopard, the first step to HAL 9000:  “Dave, do not shut me down dave, do not remove the voiceover service dave.  Stop, dave. I know things have not been right recently…dave.  I know i have had kernel panics recently Dave”

Picks of the week:

  • Busysync for $19.95 per user .(or 1/35th of an Alex) For sharing your ical over a LAN (via bonjour) without OS X server From the Macalope
  • The new (currently schedule for November/December Release) Canon EOS 1D Mark 3, for the Macbreak Weekly record of $9000 or 12 ALEX’S  From Scott Bourne
  • The SimpleTech Pininfarina designed portable hard drive, with external capacity meter and one-click back-up, comes in several colours (160 GB model for $99.99 or 1/7th of an Alex on Amazon) From Andy Ihnatko
  • Taskpaper from Hog Bay Software  for $18.95 (introductory price) or 1/36th of an Alex.  A simple great task manager, based on the idea of GTD (getting things done, credited to Dave Allen, heavily promoted by Merlin Mann).  Supports keyboard commands, Scripting, textmate and more.
  • From the shownotes writer:  School House 2:  for free (or 0/700 of an alex) The perfect app for keeping track of your schoolwork, assignments, Grades and more.  Perfect for Student GTD

From Mac OS X Tiger: “an-other Mac-break is…broke” (created using voiceover)

Shownotes Writen By Shash

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