MacBreak Weekly 34: AppleTV

MacBreak Weekly 34: AppleTV

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, Andy Ihnatko, and Alex Lindsay

Show notes courtesy John Foster:

Lost episode 34 is on John’s hard drive. It clicks and pops. That episode not my hard drive.

AppleTV. This is mostly a listen to show this time. Which means there aren’t lots of links to follow.

Scan and Pan.

No surround sound. But none of the content on iTunes has surround around sound.

The gamma on a TV different from a computer display. So things that looked good on a Mac will look blown out on the TV.

DHCP has a lease time. If you have it set too low then then the AppleTV could become confused.

The startup video is totally cool.

Another thing to note is that AppleTV sits right next to iPod and is shown as a key part of iTunes. Hey, all the links for like /ipod or /appletv get redirected to /itunes. When did they start doing that?

Canon HV20 is a disruptive device that you can hook up to an HDMI card.

An unobjectionable podcast that we’d love to see on preloaded on AppleTV.

AppleTV hacks. Add a bigger hard drive. Add Perian. Add SSH.

While it would be kinda cool to run bittorrent on AppleTV it would have to work as well as Xtorrent to really catch on.

Stuff that sucks. Of course, it’s 1.0 so there will be some sucking.

Dobly goes to 7.1?! I’m holding out for Dobly G.

The xBox360 could be cooler then an AppleTV but it whines like a 4 year old.

Beatles Yellow Submarine AppleTV would be yellow, go underwater and would have that movie preloaded.

Picks of the Week

Comictastic has freed Mary Worth and Steve Canyon for Andy.

Alex is freeing the way to Grapher which is already installed on your Mac in the Utilities folder. Grapher supersedes to Graphing Calculator. That link goes to a great story.

Scott used his free time playing Sketch Fighter 4000. We talked Sketch Fighter on MBW18.

1passwd has freed Leo from having to remember 5Qeh29K.

Merlin is freeing services in the Services menu Service Scrubber that lets you change keyboard shortcuts and turn them on and off. And John would have pointed out (on the show but because he wasn’t he’ll do it here anyway) that Devon Technologies has some very useful Services that you can download for free. The text ones for example.

John warns that this free web game Desktop Tower Defense will take all your free time. If you play it add your score to MBW subgroup after you type your name for the high score.
John Foster typed the notes. He’s on twitter like all of everyone

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Bandwidth for MacBreak Weekly is provided by Cachefly.