MacBreak Weekly 33: The Stay-At-Homers

MacBreak Weekly 33: The Stay-At-Homers

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, Andy Ihnatko, and Justine Ezarik

Mommy Pack my Lunch. You’re kidding right? Tasty Blog Snack. Evidently not.

SXSW. Torrent one song from the bands that played. It’s like 3 gig of music you’ll never listen to.

TED is not an airline. But you can subscribe to TED video on iTunes.

GDC was in San Fransisco. It used to be in Santa Clara.

British Apple ads are not funny. Maybe the writers need to take a trip up the naughty step.

See… fish slapping is always funny.

Apple ads in German and Japanese are not funny.

H.264 chip set rumored to be built-in to all future macs.

Just so everyone knows, I don’t have a TV either. Haven’t had one since the Gulf War 2 started. Which is what? Five years running now…. And I don’t have a phone. Everyone take a drink.

4K?! 4x the size for not that much better experience. The frame rate has to be better then 30FPS to make it “life like” looking. Which also increases the file size.

The kids don’t use email. They IM.

Rathole… the song. It’s at the end of this show. FF to the last 20 seconds. Those effs mean Fast Forward.

The Disease is worse then The Cure.

Virb. Verb. The Verve.

What is up with dot Mac? They got email improved. Where’s the rest of it?

Backup is no ChronoSync.

The DotMac replacement contest.

Calendar discussion. Yawn. Invites. Invites. Invites.

The spinning beach ball tip using SFTP doesn’t help. I’m not going to file share with my other Macs using SFTP. It’s a FILE name issue.

Naked iPhone.

What a dialing phone looks like.

While Justine never wears shorts, that’s all I wear.

iLaunch! While fake. iSquirrelLaunch is the real deal.

Watch for free floppies.

You guys gave crap to Andy about keeping old computers. Sheesh. I’ve got a collection of old tape drives, Jaz, SyQuest and Optical media. I also have a three Macs to read 400K, 800k and 1.4M floppies. And a collection of old Powerbooks including a 100. And a prototype Apple //c+.

Snappy Macs? The SE/30 was super speedy running System 6. With no INITs it booting in 20 seconds. Quadra 950 with 128 meg of RAM (which cost more then the computer) was my Photoshop Mac for many moons after PowerPC Macs shipped.

Whines commence at 59:54…. and rolls talking about

crazy tunnel vision voice…. stuff gets tagged green and pink… getting killed by singing… Merlin said “folder action” then “anal” something about “using Hazel” and there goes the Clean tag.

Everyone knows about Hazel, right?

Need a PowerBook latch. You may need a new case. Search eBay for PowerBook Latch. Sadly, it’s a DIY install.

whines rolled until 1:18

Picks of the Week

Leo is from Mars Edit.

Merlin is from right click new file but does it from QuickSilver.

Scott is from Gyration. Home of the Air Mouse. Which are apparently hard to trap.

Andy lives in the sky with Noise Ninjas.

Justine moved to Virb and installed Virb Tunes into iTunes.


Watch GMT. Gear, Media, Tech.

Silly Rathole song takes up the last 20 seconds.


Show notes by sometimes MBW guest John Foster. In case you care I joined twitter.

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