MacBreak Weekly 32: The Canary Trap

MacBreak Weekly 32: The Canary Trap

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Hosts: Leo Laporte, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, John Foster, and Andy Ihnatko

We’re all going to Hooters!

iTunes is now 7.1 Full screen album cover viewer. iTunes has cool strings about the AppleTV.

Patterns for PacMan still work on the iPod version.

MacMAME. Defender, StarGate, Battlezone, Tempest, Red Baron. Asteroids. Space Invaders. Bud Tapper!


Twiggy drives!

Mac II FX ran at 40MHz.

NuBus was a really intelligent bus. It lasted through 2 generations of PowerPC based Macs. NeXT also used NuBus.

RunRev makes a Hypercard clone called Revolution. Which isn’t all all close to what Hypercard could have been.

Paazizzz buys us bandwidth. Use the TWiT code if you can figure out how to spell it. It helps us out.

Steve has a third job as a spy. Makes up stuff, sends it out, finds the leaks and then they are Steve’d.

AppleLink was a network we all used to use for email, updates, and developer tech documents and support.


Markdown. TextStyle. Humane Text.

Whining commences from 34:10 to 59:20

Leopard screen shots.

Scott’s new flying car!

Software Picks of the Week

SiteSucker sucks entire web sites! It totally sucks. It really does. Perfectly. No, try it.

Andy paid for Cover Scout. Which sucks artwork for all your MP3 and AAC music.

Instant Shot does screen shots for Scott’s Aunt Faye. Not one penny at all. At Zero Alex’s it doesn’t suck at all.

Merlin uses RCdefault lets him point stuff to other stuff based on File, MIME, UTI…. Based on the web page it’s not exactly clear why this will make stuff suck less.

Leo is CSSing his Tumblog so he’s playing with complimentary colors (nice shirt, really like the shoes, cool watch dude). It’s a Dashboard… (yeah whatyaknow) called ColorJack. I tried it doesn’t suck at all.

Andy has a new book about iPods. Everyone needs to try harder.

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How to leave a Voice message.

Sorry about that Brent. We really like you as a fan…..

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