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Hosts: John Foster, Kenji Kato, Ben Durbin and Craig Syverson

Think about getting a new Mac.

Subscribe to something: MacWorld is obvious but even better is something like MAKE, 3d World, Photoshop like Layers or Photoshop User.

Subscribe to a DO podcast like: MAKE weekend project, PhotoshopUser.TV, Russel Brown Photoshop tips or I should be Writing.

Use Automator more.

Get more RAM.

.Mac aka dotMac.

Backup my phone, PowerBook, MacBook, iMac.

Retire old hard drives.

Upgrade to OS X 10.5

Play with GarageBand.

Make a DVD.

Learn to use Smart Folders in the Finder, iTunes and Mail.

Change passwords.

Upgrade the network to Gigabit.


Sketch Up

Sell whatever you aren’t using. If you’ve got an old computer that still has some life in it, off it for $300. Don’t bother selling CRTs though. Just give those away. That way if they aren’t perfect, nobody will ask for the money back.

Schedule time to learn new stuff. Whatever it is. Python, AppleScript, GarageBand, or features of Word. Take just a small part of your day and figure out how to use features you didn’t even know where there.

Spend time at your local Apple Store Theater. The SF store has a amazing line up during Macworld. But there’s always something going on. Check your stores schedule. If something isn’t being covered, ask the store manager to schedule what you want. They really want to help.

No Apple Store near you? Don’t like to travel? Try online:

Upgrade your seat. Not your software license, the thing you sit on. Make a point to shop in the chair section of your office store. Sit in a few chairs, but don’t buy right away. Compare those chairs with your old chair. Everyone’s butt is different so you have to find what fits you. For that reason don’t buy a chair “because it was a good deal.” If you have a real business, some chair stores will let you demo several for a week or so at a time.

Get a new game.