Welcome to Leopard

Welcome to Leopard

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John Foster, Kenji Kato, Ben Durbin and Tom Mahady

Lots of reviews of the OS covering some of the features.
No need to have a talk from that point of view.

We’ve been using this for a few days so this isn’t about first impressions any more it’s about doing real work.

Nothing changed…
TextEdit still looks the same.

Everything changed.
Find in Safari
Find in the Finder.
not that dorky Spotlight thing. more like OS 9 find!
Grids in the icon view of the Finder

Discussion of how this OS is a paradigm shift.
unix is all about file names
OS as we know it have been defined by this
Mac Finder added icons for file types
Type and Creator made app and files work better.
OS X Cover Flow means I can search visually NOT by name.

Quick View for just about anything means that can go on the screen will just show up. Click the file, press Space.

Previewing like above means that you can check what you print before you commit to paper.
no more printing 2 blank pages!

Dev tools. In the Optional Installs folder on the DVD.
this is unlike other Tiger install that had xCode at the top level.
oh well you have to dig.

DashCode – not beta anymore.
Awesome way to make a Dashboard.
make something in 10 minutes!