Before you jump to Leopard

Before you jump to Leopard

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300 features! Check to make sure you can run it.

Turn off APE
Logitech installed APE

Until you know your apps work. Don’t upgrade.
Final Cut Pro is a classic example of an app that is notorious for not working with upgrades.
Hold on upgrading if you are in the middle of a project. Wait until your project is over.
My Mac not working is an excuse much like “my dog ate my homework.”
Check devices that you use for compatibility first. Scanners, tablets, printers, etc.
If you are happy with what you have now, there’s no really good reason to get something new.

If you are a BOFH you have no choice. It’s your jorb.
Happen to be a news person.
Like to be the first kid on the block.
If you need a new feature.

Consider other upgrades at the same time:
RAM, Hard Drive, Video Card.
Reference the upgrade show.

Two ways to upgrade:

1) just upgrade.
2) three ways to go cautious.
a) make a backup to an external hard drive
image copy
test the drive first!
b) clean install
nuke it from orbit because you have to be sure
c) install your apps and check them one by one

note: the ultra cautious person will upgrade an old or little used mac first.

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