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  • Jared Padalecki (‘Supernatural’), arrested for assaulting two people in a bar

Jared Padalecki, the protagonist of’ Supernatural’, has been arrested in Austin, his home town, on charges of assault and public drunkenness. According to the TMZ portal, the actor was arrested in the early hours of Sunday to Monday after the police received an alert.

The Austin police department argues that Padalecki would have struck the manager and a bartender of a bar called the Stereotype a Bar, the property of the own actor, after having been expelled from the local after a strong discussion. The authorities state in their report that, during detention, Padalecki showed evident signs of drunkenness and initially refused to cooperate with the agents who responded to the warning.

TMZ, who captured the arrest on video, has released previous images of Padalecki in the street making a judo key to a man and others where you can see the actor leaning on a car talking to several agents while holding in his hand what could be a wad of bills.

Neither the actor nor his representative has offered any statement on the matter, but the matter would have been settled on bail of $ 15,000 in total for the three crimes.

  • Jennifer Aniston reveals that she is “”working on something”” with the rest of the protagonists of “”Friends””

Sunday 27th of October, Ellen DeGeneres received on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Jennifer Aniston, on the occasion of his participation in the series of Apple TV+, ‘The Morning Show’. An occasion in which the actress also had the opportunity to talk about her passing through Friends and the recent meeting she had starred in with her fellow cast members, of which she shared an image on her Instagram account in mid-October.

The actress premiered her personal Instagram account with a snapshot along with her five Friends companions, with which she became one of the people on the social network who managed to overcome a million followers more quickly, as DeGeneres pointed out. A starting point from which the actress spoke of the mythical production, which marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of its premiere at the end of September.

Just as the creators of the mythical series did, Aniston ruled out the possibility that there would be a continuation of ‘Friends’ despite their success. However, the actress released statements that did not go unnoticed by fans of popular fiction. “”We’d love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is, so we’re just trying. We are working on something, “” she said, without giving any more details about the project that the six protagonists of ‘Friends’ could be currently developing.

Just a week ago, Jennifer Aniston starred in a tender moment in the networks, where she could be seen next to Reese Witherspoon, who was her little sister Jill in Friends. In a video released by the second, they both remembered one of their scenes in the well-known series, in the middle of the promotion of “”the Morning Show,”” a fiction in which both have re-matched. A new production of Apple TV+ in which Aniston’s character, Alex Levy, struggles to maintain her position as a star anchor in a famous news show in front of Bradley Jackson, a younger aspiring who gives life to Witherspoon.

  • Critique of His Dark Materials, the accessible return of HBO’s epic fantasy after ‘Game of Thrones’

Television has changed forever. With the emergence of new competitors and the precedent set by ‘Game of Thrones’, the big platforms have had to grow in ambition, which has promoted co-productions between entertainment referents like HBO and BBC, who are once again collaborating with ‘dark matter’. This adaptation of Philip Pullman’s saga of the same name tries to ground the dramatic failure of the film version, unable to attract the public needed to become a profitable franchise. Twelve years later, the first episode of this new adventure takes advantage of the largest space to expand on television, proving that the small screen has become the best home for the big stories.

For those little versed in Pullman’s work, the series tries to introduce this vast universe without overwhelming too much information. This is why the first episode is set primarily at Jordan College, where orphan Lyra (Daphne Keen) impatiently awaits the return of her uncle, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), a research fellow who is obsessed with the purpose of breaking up the lies of the Magisterium, the institution that governs the line of thought of society. Thus, as the novels have already done, ‘dark matter’ proposes a reflection on the obscurantism rooted in the great institutions, especially the religious ones, and their reaction to a potential threat of dismantling their large business.

Looking at this dark world through the innocent prism of Lyra, the scariest issues are shown with a certain lightness, evidence that the series is intended for a broad audience, so it has to always balance between the superficial and the deep without losing balance. Throughout the first episode, we can see that this task is not going to be anything simple, but in his favor he plays a rhythm that runs away from the hurried, in addition to the exceptional performance of Daphne Keen, which brings out again the innate charisma with which he conquered us in “”Logan””. And the actress born in Madrid is not alone in radiating talent before the camera, as in the main cast, we also find McAvoy, Ruth Wilson, Clarke Peters and Lin-Manuel Miranda, accompanied by their respective daemons, animal speakers that contain a human soul.