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Having a film blog allows us to be able to help train new writers and directors, or film experts, since our intention with this film blog is to encourage audiovisual consumption, as well as to be able, to tell the truth about this world and to contribute, without confusion, what you really want to know.

Another intention is to be able to give visibility to my website, where I offer my services as a screenwriter and as a script analyst. At the moment, the SEO s, the strategy is not giving me anything wrong and I already have positioned some other keyword where I have my little triumph.

We hope to continue to expand this blog with knowledge about film, series, TV shows and lots, of entertainment, but also with relevant information to help those who are starting to write their own films, as not everyone can make a powerful outlay to study in the best film schools.

If you are one of those students, please don’t hesitate to follow my blog and share, so that I can help more people who want to live this beautiful dream.

What are you going to read on this film blog?

  • Film tutorials

Discover in this blog the best way to write film scripts, because, as a screenwriter and screenwriter, I know the main problems you can face when writing or starting a project, and even directing your own story and taking it to film festivals.

I will also show you tools that are very useful to be able to carry out your story: script programs, Short Film applications, strategies to optimize your story and much, more!

  • Movie and TV Shows recommendations

I like to address an audience eager to discover new movies, and even make a movie top and series top to watch at that time. Because there’s nothing better on a blog than reading about good stories. And here, you will find a lot of information about the best stories to see in the year, as well as advanced movie reviews or current series reviews.

  • Film reviews

In a film blog there can also be no lack of a good film review, where I will comment on the best and worst of the film, what I think as a screenwriter about the history, sub-flames and conflicts of the characters; as well as a good series review, where you will be able to assess whether it is worth spending so much time following it, or if you have already seen it, satisfy your need to read that someone thinks that the series is very overrated or that it is a masterpiece and that everyone should know it.

In short, if you are looking for a fresh and different film blog, save the articles that interest you most and share to continue helping more people like you and me.

If you have anything to contribute to this blog, contact me, and let me have your feedback. I will be happy to be able to resolve your doubts or improve this page.

What do you want to read?

Of course, I’m open to making varied entries on specific topics, but that has to do with the entertainment world. I’ve been told a lot about video games, but it’s something that’s out of the reach of my niche: film and series. Of course, I would like to add interviews and gradually I will up, load clear examples of what I am saying, but always with the aim of being able to contribute and help and learn more about this world.