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March 4th, 2007

TWiM 42: The Answer

MP3s are patently protected, Creative Commons Becomes 3, Fair Use is Back in Style, HDMI Rocks

February 27th, 2007

TWiM 41: Giggle Fest of the Year

Macs get Joost, XM and Sirius get Serious, Will DRM kill Photoshop, MTV was great when it played music videos

February 27th, 2007

TWiM 40: Libertarian Communism

MPAA are actually innovators, Turning Google Off in Belgium, The Direction of Normals, and an explanation of Libertarian Communism

February 8th, 2007

TWiM 39: NFL vs The Church

Steve Attacks DRM, Pirates Of the World Unite, Orphans are Stranded in Copyright Limbo, And the NFL puts a hit on the Church...

February 3rd, 2007

TWiM 38: No Go in Norway

You tube shares the love, American's think DRM is no big deal and neither do some in Hollywood, but don't even think about it in Norway

February 3rd, 2007


MPAA Changes the way this film will be rated, Indy Music Labels team up to compete with the Big Boys, You can Joost if you're special, The CD is Dead

January 22nd, 2007

TWiM 36: Tower of Bable

Netflix walks to the net, CES and Adult video is kinda bizzare, Blue Ray vs HD DVD, ISO 9660 file specs, Koopa cracks the top 40, CD Baby, Wither Tower, PERFORM act, Where the US rates, Who is the RIAA

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this Week in Media
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March 4th, 2007

TWiM 42: The Answer

Hosts: Alex Lindsay, John Foster, Craig Syverson, and Kenji Kato.

HDMI card from Black Magic.

Central Computers has cheap HDMI cables.

Sony HDV V1U has 4:2:2 out from HDMI.

Iconix camera HD-RH1 has 444 output. Don't judge it by it's size.

Interlace is spelled e-v-i-l.

Congrats ILM on Pirates!

The Abyss.

What a Film Printer looks like. And an interview from one it's builders.

Fair use support for film makers.

TWiM's own host Craig Syverson made a video covering fair use. The Grunt Media feature makes it easy to understand.

Microsoft has to cough big over this MP3 patent ruling.

Some guy has a patent on players and is suing everyone.

Which might cause the world to go open source.

Creative Commons 3.0 is live.

March is don't buy anything from the RIAA kids.

We have a new home from here on at PixelCorps.tv!

Ashley Witt did the music for TWiM.

Before after show:

The Host is the movie that had the monster that looked like a Graboid. The Orphanage did the effects.

Tremors! Tremors 2! Tremors 3! Tremors 4!

Sound Devices doesn't clip!